To complete my engineering education at CU Boulder, I participated in an year long capstone project. Normally, this is done within the same engineering department that a student is working towards getting their degree in; however, I found unique opportunity to participate in a compact communications satellite (ThinSat) project within the aerospace engineering department and fulfill a leading role in electrical systems engineering. In this role, I first helped the team conduct trade studies on microcontroller and flight software selection. Once our requirements were set and we had selected the major components to use in our project, I completed the design and assembly of a custom embedded computer system for the ThinSat. This involved the design, manufacture, and test of custom PCBs for the microcontroller, science payload, and communications hardware. Below is a some pictures of the electronics hardware I created, as well as a paper describing the custom embedded computer system and our critical design review presentation that describes the entire ThinSat project.

PCBs I Designed and Assembled:

Paper Submitted to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics:

Critical Design Review: