Space Invaders

Project Overview

In this project, I created a clone of space invaders and kept it simple by using a few OpenGL dependencies (GLFW and GLEW) to build up the core elements of the game.

I spent my freshman year of college learning to code in C++ and transitioned to primarily Python for OOD and C for embedded programming since then, so the purpose of this project was to re-familiarize myself with the language and feed my curiosity around OpenGL and game development. In the future I hope to incorporate machine learning AI to have a bot play it and also use it as a foundation to create my own unique game.

This took much more code than I was expecting because I built it from scratch, but I enjoyed becoming reacquainted with C++ and it was cool to see how my engineering skills that I developed outside of C++ actualy made me a better C++ programmer than I was when I was a college freshman that spent an entire year primarily programming in C++.


Project Repo: