PhenVar 2.0

Project Overview

PhenVar is a project that was completed during hackathons with the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). It is designed to take one or more rsids, which identify genetric phenotypes, and generate novel associates between research publications. It is serviced at the following address:

My Role

I took part in the redesign of the backend of this project by first creating a utility in Go that uses the NCBI’s REST API to gather rsids and pubmed ids (publication identification numbers). Later, I implemented this in Python along with SQL and an sqlite database to store the two types of identification number numbers and their connections. This was achieved by creating Python objects for each rsid and publication and then mapping those Python objects to SQL database entries in an sqlite3 database.

Learning Outcomes

Working on this project taught me how to use SQL and how to interact with the SQL database through Python. I also learned more about python powered web services like Django and Flask and gained more experience using REST APIs.

Project Repo: