Computer Architecture CLI Tools

Project Overview

For this project, I automated many computer architecture design tasks by creating a python script with an easy to use command line interface. I created functionality for the following:

  • Calculating bitwise functions (and, or, add, shifting, etc.).
  • Included functions for easily converting to and from binary/hex/decimal numbers.
  • Built an error correcting code function that’s used to fix bit errors in cache.
  • Created a pipeline analysis tool.
  • Built an assembly code disassembler that takes assembly instructions and returns the RISC-V binary and hexadecimal machine code (an excel spreadsheet was used to easily assemble the instructions from machine code).

This became immensely helpful for the design and analysis of a RISC-V processor because many of the things included in the script are incredibly time consuming to do by hand or with the tools available online.

Project Repo: